On Becoming Fearless by Ariana Huffington

//On Becoming Fearless by Ariana Huffington

I stumbled across this book on a blog forum in which I participate.  It looks very interesting – I just ordered my copy.  Will have my personal review once I’ve read it but for the moment, here’s the book description that sold me:

A manifesto for women on how to overcome fear and achieve their dreams, from Arianna Huffington, a woman who embodies fearlessness–bestselling author, politician, mother, Web entrepreneur, and one of the most powerful women in America.

Women confront fear every day: fear for their children, fear of appearing foolish, of being assertive, of looking fat, of getting sick, of going broke, of losing love.  Enter Arianna Huffington, with timely and powerful advice on how to be bold.  Arianna is fearless, but not by nature; she’s had to learn and practice all her life.

In ON BECOMING FEARLESS, she puts it all on the table, exploring fearlessness at work, in parenting, in love, in aging, and much more.  It’s never too early–or too late–for women to learn fearlessness, and ON BECOMING FEARLESS will strike a chord with every woman who wonders how she can make her mark on a world that still values "nice," "accommodating," and "team player" as feminine qualities.

I’ve got my copy – get yours today!


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