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In a world where you have to think fast and get results even faster, time is everything. The key is to master it.

Think of Gavin Preston as your locksmith. His new book “Time Tactics That Work: 107 Ways to Get More Done” will have its Kindle debut on 29th April and will be FREE for 5 days only.

Gavin shares proven techniques so you can:

identify tasks and activities that are robbing your energy
clear your mental desk to concentrate on your priorities
work smart on the right things
and more!

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On Becoming Fearless by Ariana Huffington

I stumbled across this book on a blog forum in which I participate.  It looks very interesting – I just ordered my copy.  Will have my personal review once I’ve read it but for the moment, here’s the book description that sold me:
A manifesto for women on how to overcome fear and achieve their dreams, from Arianna Huffington, a woman who embodies fearlessness–bestselling author, politician, mother, Web entrepreneur, and one of the most powerful women in America.
Women confront fear every day: fear for their children, fear of appearing foolish, of being assertive, of looking fat, of getting sick, of going broke, of losing love.  Enter Arianna Huffington, with timely and powerful advice on how to be bold.  Arianna is fearless, but not by nature; she’s had to learn and practice all her life.
In ON BECOMING FEARLESS, she puts it all on the table, exploring fearlessness at work, in parenting, in love, in aging, and much more.  It’s never too early–or too late–for women to learn fearlessness, and ON BECOMING FEARLESS will strike a chord with every woman who wonders how she can make her mark on a world that still values "nice," "accommodating," and "team player" as feminine qualities.
I’ve got my copy – get yours today!

The eMyth By Michael Gerber

Believe it or not, The E-Myth was the first business book I read and I read it at a critical time in my business – months before I needed to know the difference between working in my business and working on my business.
Many entrepreneurs consider The E-Myth a guide to success for small business owners.
In his book, Gerber discusses each small business has the requirement to fulfill three central roles: the technician, the manager, and the visionary. The technicians of the business are charged with the execution of core tasks that the business performs such as baking a cake (Gerber uses the example of a bakery) or completing the administrative tasks in a service business (bookkeeping, customer service, etc.). Managers in the business are required to direct others in the organization to work effectively as a team. Finally, the visionary, is a critical role in any business to develop a picture of where the business should be in one, five, and ten plus years and plot the course to get there. Essentially, the visionary no longer works in their business (the role of technicians and managers) but evolves to work on their business.
Most entrepreneurs move between all three roles at one point or another in their business – obviously wearing all the hats at the beginning. Gerber posits that more businesses fail because the entrepreneur never makes the move from technician to visionary – never moving beyond working in their business to working on their business.
Any entrepreneur serious about their business growth and longevity should pick up a copy of The E-Myth today!

E-mail Unplugged

Discover the freedom of reading emails periodically throughout the day with Tim Ferris' The 4-Hour Workweek and Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home.

The McDonaldization of Society

Having put in my time as a teenager behind the counter at McDonald's, it is interesting to see how much is written about the McDonald's model now that I'm all growed up.

The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage

The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage

Small Is The New Big

Seth Godin, author of the new book Small is the New Big, has a mission—to help business people realize how smart they already are. He’s focused on getting people to do what they know is right, instead of settling for the status quo. He writes and talks relentlessly about the need to engage customers, to make your products or services remarkable, discussion-worthy, and to make sure your business ultimately keeps (and exceeds) its promises.

Chances are you’ve heard Godin’s message before—he blogs, he speaks, he writes books. He founded the pioneering online marketing firm Yoyodyne and, most recently, the expertise portal Squidoo. His previous books include Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, and All Marketers are Liars.

Small is the New Big is a collection of 184 riffs, rants and remarkable ideas, most of which first appeared on his well-known blog.

There’s A Customer Born Every Minute

The infamous showman P.T. Barnum is perhaps best known for having said "There’s a sucker born every minute." However, Barnum never said or wrote the line at all. Actually, Barnum believed that a customer is born every minute, and it was this respect for the customer that drove his success. In this delightful and absorbing new edition, author Joe Vitale reveals the true secrets to Barnum’s success and shares the ten key business practices that Barnum developed during his career.
Review coming soon.
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‘The Great Formula: for Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort’

‘The Great Formula: for Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort’ by Marky Joyner
I’ve been waiting with anticipation for the day to come that I could share it with you, and now finally: I have the link for The Great Formula
Together with ‘The Irresistible Offer’ Mark Joyner’s two latest books make up a powerful marketing strategy collection.  Mark writes in a lucid, simple to understand style that makes sophisticated concepts accessible to us all.
Buy the book today, and Mark will also give you 88 bonus gifts worth about $12,119.56.
Take a second now to drop in and take a quick look, remember marketing with minimal effort is Mark’s forte, this is your opportunity to learn from the best Click here to learn more

The e-Code

The e-Code by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok is a fantastic book for Internet Marketing Newbies.  You’ll get a wealth of information, inspiration and ideas for making money online using only your e-mail.  It’s an easy read, I read it in one afternoon, but it’s chock full of information.

Internet marketing superstars like Yanik Silverman, Robert Bly and Terry Dean share simple strategies to build your opt-in lists, how to create an internet marketing plan, and how to profit from affiliate programs.

If you don’t know you e-code from your morse code, then this book is for you. If you’re an experienced Internet Marketer, Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Supertars is probably more your speed.