If you've had a look through my portfolio, you'll know that several of my client projects are deployed on WP Engine. There's a reason for that: WP Engine is a premium WordPress hosting service. They host WordPress and they host it well. That's ALL they do. No email. No other platforms. Just WordPress.

Just WordPress, All The Time

Focusing on one core offering enables them to offer stellar service and support. Their hassle-free hosting offers fast and robust servers that can handle anything (that's geek speak for you really can't break the internet by sending traffic to a WP Engine hosted website). None of my client projects sitting on their servers have ever gone offline.

Worried about the latest virus threat or WordPress hack? Don't be. WP Engine security is top-notch. You never need to worry about the newest WordPress threat or hack. I had an experience last year while developing a WordPress project for a client. We were building their new site at WP Engine while the current site was still being hosted with another hosting company. Their live site was hacked three times during the development cycle. Their WP Engine website wasn't affected at all. My experience has been that they're always a step ahead of the threats to your website.

And finally... if you ever have the pleasure of dealing with their customer service, you'll be impressed. They have some of the best (and nicest) reps in the business.

Ready To Give WP Engine A Try?

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