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    Seriously… You’re Not Supposed To Do It All! A Case For Outsourcing

Seriously… You’re Not Supposed To Do It All! A Case For Outsourcing

Let me throw some #TRUTH your way: you cannot possibly do everything you need to do in your business by yourself.

Did you hear me?  Let me say it again: you cannot possibly do everything you need to do in your business by yourself!

Did you catch it that time?  I hope so!

Sorry, I know I’m on the verge of a rant here but these past few weeks, I’ve been speaking with a few online business owners who are frustrated because they can’t do it all.  The sheer amount of tasks that you have to stay on top of as an online business owner, and frankly even an offline business owner, is staggering.  Everything from web design and programming to list building and viral marketing to billing and bookkeeping to connecting via social media and… well the list goes on and on.  Add to that the thing that you actually offer as a product or service in your business and you’ll quickly realize that you can’t possible do everything that needs to be done to effectively run your business and still keep your sanity.

But online business owner after online business owner thinks they should.  And they try to… and things fall through the cracks.
A Proven Success Strategy
Let me let you in on a little secret: focus on your strongest skills and talents and outsource the rest to those whose skills and abilities are strongest in those areas.

For example, I am not a big fan of bookkeeping.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like math and I really like having an accurate view of my income and expenses but I just never seem to [...]

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    Getting Things Done: A Checklist To Help Create Error Free Broadcasts

Getting Things Done: A Checklist To Help Create Error Free Broadcasts

I have been helping clients send out a lot of broadcasts lately.  So I thought I would share my broadcast checklist.  I will admit, I sometimes skip the checklist when I’m in a hurry but there are certain items I never skip (like the test broadcast).  Feel free to share any tips or “checks” to enhance the checklist.
Email Marketing & Broadcast Checklist

Spelling & Grammar Check: Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  After all, most word processing programs have spell check functionality built in.  Believe it or not, the spell check isn’t infallible.  It does get things wrong on occasion.  Read your broadcast before hitting send.  Simple.  If reading s-l-o-w-l-y isn’t your strong suit (I tend to glance at things quickly and read what I think should be there rather than what is there, especially when I get busy) have a second (or third) set of eyes on the broadcast before hitting send.  If spelling and grammar mistakes don’t bother you (and there are many well-known business coaches for whom this is the case) then skip this step.  For the rest of us, a good spell and grammar check is advisable… especially if you tend to write your broadcasts directly into the broadcast window.
Formatting Check: Is your spacing consistent? Are your fonts the right size and the same font-family? Are your images aligned correctly and displaying properly?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a broadcast where the spacing has been wonky or there have been issues with mismatched fonts. A well designed template can help you avoid formatting errors.
Content Check: I know you might think this is a repeat [...]

Family Means Everything!

Twitter has been all abuzz this week with news that The Colbert Report suspended tapings on Wednesday and Thursday.  No reason was immediately available but the news emerged Friday that the tapings were reportedly canceled due to the ill health of Stephen Colbert’s mother.

On Monday, many Canadians will be celebrating Family Day, a statutory Holiday designed to celebrate families.  While I won’t be taking any time off this year in observance of Family Day, I will be spending Monday in the company of the people I love, as well as participating in the kick-off to a month long Virtual Summit that celebrates mothering.

I’m not a mother, have never been a mother and will likely never be a mother (other than to my adorable kitten, Bella) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t “get” the unique challenges faced by mothers who are also entrepreneurs (or fathers for that matter).  I have designed my business to be able to provide support to busy mompreneurs, as well as allow me the freedom to spend time with my own family.

And I’m lucky to work with many wonderful clients who recognize the importance of family and give me the flexibility to alter my schedule to meet the needs of my family.  After all, even Stephen Colbert recognizes that family means everything!