Designing an effective and attractive salespage or landing page got a whole lot easier with the introduction of OptimizePress.  If you haven’t heard the buzz, OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that gives online business owners with limited HTML coding and design skills the ability to create optimized squeeze pages, attractive salespages, launch campaigns, and member centers.

As an online business owner, or really anyone who has been online for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of long form salesletters touting the benefits of the latest product or service.  You’ve definitely seen them, probably even read some of them, studied a handful to model your own salespages on, and maybe even bought from them.  The truly adventurous have probably even taken a stab at designing one of their own – with varying degrees of success and frustration!

It comes as no surprise that the long form salesletter is evolving.  Many marketers are beginning to use shorter pages or creating a video salesletter: a 20 or 30 minute autoplay video on a blank white page with a delayed buy button.  These pages are becoming increasingly common.  In part because of the effectiveness of video and audio.  In part because of the growing popularity of OptimizePress.
Why Do You Need Squeeze Pages and Salespages?
Anyone doing business online needs their website visitors to take a specific action when they land upon one’s website: in most cases, submit and email address or purchase a product.

Salespages and squeeze pages are designed to give your website visitors direction instruction as to what you are trying to get them to do. They’re set up to give your [...]