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Turn Your Ideas Into Income

Say it with me: Ideas are AWESOME!  Sometimes I think my real business is to talk about ideas.  In fact, I love to talk about ideas.  But ideas on their own are pretty much useless.  Ideas that are implemented, however, can be extremely lucrative!
How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income
First thing’s first, you’ll want to download this handy dandy little eBook penned by one of my colleagues.  Just hop on over to his website and enter in your name and email to snag your Implementation Guide.  He had laid out a process to help you evaluate what makes a good idea and some brief thoughts on where to go to get your idea implemented.

Once you’ve sussed out your idea and determined which one(s) you want to pursue, it’s time to develop your idea.  While they are many different ways to get an idea implemented, we’ll be taking a look at the two main strategies used by my clients: physical products and online products.
Developing Physical Products
Before you get too deep into the development phase, it would be worth doing a quick Google search to see if there is an existing product already on the market.  Depending on the nature of your product idea, you may also want to do a quick patent search.

The next step will be to get feedback on your idea.  I recently attended my first focus group and was asked four basic questions:

Have you seen this product or something similar to it before?
Do you see the value of this product?
Would you buy it / use it / recommend it?
What price would you be willing [...]

Happy Client: Internet Marketing Chesapeake Launches Brand New WordPress Site

Internet Marketing Chesapeake is an exciting and fresh company focusing on implementing cutting edge new media marketing solutions for the small business owner.  They understand that prospective customers aren’t turning to a phone book, newspaper or even the Yellow Pages to find your business.  They’re more than likely turning to Google and that’s where Internet Marketing Chesapeake comes in.  They’re experts at getting local businesses to show up on the first page of Google.

Jerry, one of the principals at Internet Marketing Chesapeake, approached me late last year to help tweak the website for his new business initiative.  He had installed WordPress and the Super Clean theme but was challenged by the nature of the theme.  Some themes are easier to work with than others and the Super Clean theme, though completely customizable, is a theme that requires most of the customizations to be done via CSS and through the appearance editor rather than through a custom menu in the dashboard.

That’s where I came in.
Super Clean Theme Customizations
As Internet Marketing Chesapeake had already selected a domain name and website host and had already installed WordPress, the only thing left to do was to customize the theme and populate the site with their content.  The homepage for this theme allowed for rotating images so we worked together to replace the stock images that came with the Super Clean theme.  Unlike some other WordPress themes, where the homepage content is built through a WordPress page, the Super Clean theme required that the content be built through the index.php.

I worked with Jerry to populate the main sections of the new site and helped him integrate [...]

Learn The DotCom Secrets Of Success

Recently, I told you about a great new product that I stumbled across from Russell Brunson called the Affiliate Evolution.  If you haven’t yet picked up this fantastic resource, you should – it’s only $10 bucks!  I don’t know how much longer it will be priced at that price point but go grab it now before it’s gone.  Go to 

As part of that purchase, I purchased the DotCom Secrets and am eagerly going through it to evaluate it for you.  So far, I’m impressed.  The course content is delivered to you in a unique way.  Each day you receive a little video blurb directly to your desktop and have links to complete assignments.  Over the next 27 days I’ll be guided through the process of building an online business.  What I love about Russell is that he stresses getting into action – FAST!  Don’t sit and wait months or years to build the perfect product and salesletter.  Get it done.  Get it done now!  Get it online and tweak as needed.

So get into action – FAST and check out DotCom Secrets today!  You’ll be glad you did.

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Joel Comm’s Top Business Book Recommendations

I’ve been adding books to my library recently. I added a few based on some recommendations by Eben Pagan a few weeks ago. And today I stumbled upon (well actually Twittered upon!) a list of books recommended by Joel Comm.

Here’s his list of recommended reading:

Getting Things Done, David Allen
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini
The Google Story, Vise & Malseed
Blogging Heroes, Michael A. Banks
1,001 Ways To Market Your Book, John Kremer

Check out Joel’s video for reasons why these books should be added to your bookshelf by clicking play below:

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Rare Out Of Print Book Will Soon Be Back On The Market

Mark Joyner’s “Mind Control Marketing” is finally back and the rumors about the missing chapter were apparently true!

WARNING: Don’t watch the above two minute video if you are overly-sensitive or if you have a cardio-vascular condition.

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Anchor Tags Are Important To Your SEO Strategy

We’ll conclude our look at Word Tracker’s “Keyword Basics” with excerpts from their final lesson about anchor tags.

To rank well in search engine results you need to score well on both on your own pages and on other pages – which is a bit more difficult to control.

Most external links will use your domain to link to you, but if you can persuade them to link to you using keyword rich linking text (sometimes called anchor text), then you’ll get a significant search engine boost.

For many website managers and owners getting an external link of any kind is achievement enough, without having to manage the even more difficult task of persuading an external website to link to you using specific keyword phrases of your choice.

So how do you get keyword rich inbound links? One of the easiest ways is to simply show people how you’d like them to link to you. Write the html, make it available and ask people just to copy and paste the code into their own web pages. There are others ways but that’s by far the best way to ensure that your link is displayed how you want it displayed.

To discover more about how WordTracker can help your business, click here.

Discover The Secrets Of Top Internet Marketers

I’ll cut to the chase: Continuing education is the key to your success as an internet marketer. Whether you attend a live event or seminar or study from the comfort of your home, you’re looking for results. One of the best events to attend is Armand Morin’s Big Seminar. It’s by far the most well-organized seminars that respects your time. They start on time and end on time.

Armand attracts the highest quality speakers and creates an environment that’s conducive to learning & networking. If you’ve never attended one of his seminars, you’ll have a chance to do so in April.

Featured speakers & topics at bigseminar 11

Frank Kern: Creator of Mass Control
Stu McLaren: Affiliate Marketing Expert
Mike Stewart: Video Salesletters
Matt Bacak: Turn a CD into millions
Jim Edwards: Revolutionized mini-sites
Stephen Pierce: How to translate corporate strategies to your small business
And of course… Armand Morin himself!

You need this kind of knowledge in your online business blueprint.

Register now to receive 10 FREE internet marketing lessons and find out more information about BigSeminar 11.
Click here to register.

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