Step Into The Spotlight Planner

//Step Into The Spotlight Planner

Step Into The Spotlight Planner


No matter what stage of business you’re in today, whether you just opened your doors or have had a string of clients for years, today is the day to concentrate on building your credibility and sharing your expertise with the world. It’s time to Step Into The Spotlight!

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This is no time to be a wallflower, especially if you have big dreams of growing your team, hitting a certain income milestone, selling a certain number of products, or booking a guest appearance on The Today Show. Be proud of your success and plan on sharing it with your audience.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (39 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Identify Your Zone of Genius
    • Exercise: Identify your zone of genius
  • Step 2: Challenge Your Own Assumptions
    • Exercise: Compare your business with your competitor’s business
  • Step 3: Your Story, Your Brand
    • Exercise: Tell your story
    • Exercise: Create your ideal reader avatar
  • Step 4: Update Your Bio with Specifics
    • Exercise: Create or update your professional bio
  • Step 5: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    • Exercise: Organize your photos and brainstorm what type of photos to take/share
    • Exercise: List where these photos are kept and where you will share them
  • Step 6: Brag a Little
    • Exercise: List podcasts you want to be featured on
    • Exercise: List TV programs you want to be featured on (think local and national)
    • Exercise: List radio programs you want to be featured on (think local and national)
  • Step 7: Speak Your Piece
    • Exercise: Find local and national speaking events
    • Exercise: List the event names, organizers and speaker application process
  • Step 8: Gather Testimonials
    • Exercise: Gather names + numbers of clients who might give testimonials
    • Exercise: Automate your testimonials
  • Step 9: There’s More to Life Than Business
    • Exercise: Be more social on social media



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