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Local Small Business: Website Design

One of our former clients required a website design for their new shower restoration business. iDeborah a simple but effective responsive website to be used in marketing the growing business.

Digital Magazine: Website Design & Social Media

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For the past five years, the client has had a goal to create a lifestyle and business magazine that shared insights on how to create a life filled with freedom, joy, personal growth, and abundance. iDeborah worked with the client to clarify her vision, set concrete deadlines and design a website to serve as the online home for the magazine.

Business Coach LeadPages Landing Page

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The Client required a landing page built based on a template created with LeadPages. The template was customized to include our own copy and graphics. A brief video was created as per the client's exact specifications and loaded to YouTube. Once the page was designed, LeadPages was integrated with WordPress as well as aWeber to provide a customized user experience.

Conscious Business: Website Redesign

The Client originally approached another agency for emergency support services. They had updated a plugin on their website that caused their entire WordPress website to go offline. iDeborah Marketing worked with their onsite website administrator to restore the website. During the restoration process, it was decided that the website be redesigned to improve visitor experience. Using a Premium WordPress theme, iDeborah Marketing edited the theme to match the client's existing offline branding and updated the layout of all pages.

Leadership Academy: Website Redesign

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The project began with the design of a temporary landing page to continue to collect leads while the website was redesigned and rebranded. Once the lead magnet campaign sequence was ready to be implemented on the newly designed WordPress website, iDeborah Marketing created the campaigns in Infusionsoft and also designed the layout of the whitepaper.

Google My Business Locations: Local SEO for Property Management Company

The Client worked with another agency to complete the redesign of their website using a premium WordPress template selected by iDeborah Marketing. While the redesign was in progress, iDeborah Marketing was tasked with merging several Google My Business accounts to consolidate all location information into one master account containing 115 properties. Store codes were added as required and profile information was updated.

Association For Aging Services: Website Redesign


The project was referred to iDeborah Marketing to update the look and feel of their existing WordPress website to give it a more contemporary and professional look and feel. Using a Premium WordPress theme, iDeborah Marketing edited the theme to match the client's existing offline branding and updated the layout of all pages. New images were sourced to enhance the website content. iDeborah Marketing also contracted a programming team to enhance the Member Search functionality to offer features that were not native to the plugin files included with the theme files.

Soccer Club Website Redesign


The Client was retained through another agency who acted in the capacity of project manager. The soccer club required a website redesign for their outdated website, static website and a move away from a hosted e-commerce platform to their own hosted WooCommerce design.

Rental Community: Website Redesign

The Client wanted a separate website for one of the properties in their rental portfolio. iDeborah Marketing was tasked with using the same Premium WordPress theme that had been selected for the main site to complete the website redesign, modelling the look and feel of the main website. iDeborah Marketing edited the theme to match the client’s existing offline branding and updated the layout of all pages. A self-hosted video solution was sourced for the video site tours.

Grass Roots Movement Website Design

A very fun project to be involved in. The Client required a simple blog site created to help raise awareness and build a community for moms who are passionate about holistic health, fitness and wellness, and sharing information and resources for child-centered health and welfare.