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Project Description


One of our Digital Marketing Support Clients required a Mailing List Reactivation Campaign. iDeborah Marketing worked with the client to discuss their requirements and deadlines. The client was able to provide the mailing list reactivation broadcasts and the date of the teleseminar and left the creation of the landing pages and teleseminar page to our creative team.

The teleseminar registration page was created with LeadPages, using the new Drag & Drop builder which enables you to have a bit more control over the customization of page layouts rather than simply changing colors and hiding blocks that aren’t needed. A thank you page was also created inside LeadPages to share the teleseminar dial-in details and enable attendees to bookmark the broadcast page.

The teleseminar was created using InstantTeleseminar. The broadcast page will be integrated with the client’s website in advance of the broadcast next week.

And finally, the mailing list reactivation emails were set up inside aWeber using the Campaigns BETA feature. The client had delivered a series of five mailing list reactivation emails to be broadcast in preparation for the live teleseminar. Nothing annoys potential teleseminar attendees more than receiving marketing emails to get them to sign up for seminars once they’ve already registered. iDeborah Marketing implemented a strategy where anyone registering for the teleseminar would receive a variation of the reactivation emails without the link and solicitation to register.

Future plans for this project include include the design of the PowerPoint slides to be used during the live broadcast.