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Lou Bortone is my Go-To Guy when I want to learn anything related to online video.  He’s worked with a few of my clients to help them craft some fantastic online videos.  I’m sharing a recent article he wrote debunking the myths of online video.  Enjoy!

The 5 Biggest Myths of Online Video

Despite the explosion of video marketing, there are plenty of lame excuses why some entrepreneurs still aren’t embracing video as a promotional resource. Let’s debunk the five biggest video myths right now.

Myth #1: Video is too damn technical.

The Real Deal: Video has never been easier, and it’s surprisingly low-tech. Unlike “back in the day” when I worked at E! Entertainment Television, you do not need an editing suite full of fancy equipment. A $40 webcam or a $100 pocket video camera is more than enough to get started. Need editing software? Forget it!  Just log on to YouTube and use their editing tools for free. It’s not too techie anymore. If you can do PowerPoint, you can do video.

Myth #2: Video is too expensive/I need to buy equipment.

The Real Deal: Continuing on our earlier theme, you don’t have to invest anything to get started with video. If you have a webcam, great. If not, you don’t even need a camera to create video!  Check out the free websites like or to create easy videos on the fly with just photos and some music.   And remember, video hosting sites like YouTube are completely free and easy to use. Online Video has truly become “low-hanging fruit” for marketers.

Myth #3: I need to look like Brad or Angelina to be on camera.

The Real Deal: YouTube has taken video to the masses, and allows us to be ourselves on camera, bad hair day or not! The truth is no one is watching your video to see “who you’re wearing.” They are watching to get ideas and information from you. In the world of online video, content always wins out over quality. Deliver value and don’t worry about your wardrobe.

Myth #4: I don’t have anything important to say/I don’t know what to say.

The Real Deal: Seriously? You’re an entrepreneur with a product or service to sell and you don’t know what to say? There has never been an easier way to get YOUR message out to the masses than with video, so gather your thoughts and say your piece. If you’re still camera shy and prefer to deliver your message another way, let’s not forget those fast, fun and free online resources like or Just add photos and your text and you’re on your way

Myth #5: Video is just for the Internet Gurus and “big-time” online marketers.

The Real Deal: No way! The playing field has been totally leveled by online video. We all have access to the same equipment and resources. The best creative idea will always win out – not necessarily the marketer with the biggest list. Video has a low barrier to entry, so you definitely don’t need to be a marketing superstar to get in the game. Your video does not have to be a Hollywood extravaganza (unless you want to hire me!) and you just need a creative way to deliver your message. There’s no longer any need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by video marketing.

So what’s your excuse for not using video to build your brand and boost your business?  It’s much easier than you think.  Get started today with Lou’s Brand New self-study course.

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