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Professional Projects I’m Working On Now

  • WordPress Theme Redesign: Working with a US based partner on the redesign of a WordPress website for a screen printing company. The site will be developed using The Everest theme. We also have another two projects on the go: one for a private performing arts program that will be developed using the Education WordPress Theme and another for a salt supplier that will be developed using Enhenyero.
  • Author Website Design: Designing a responsive website for an author to support her book sales and enable her to blog easily. Her current website is HTML based and she is not able to maintain it herself. The site will be developed using Off The Shelf theme.
  • Home Builder Website Design: Designing a responsive website for an architect and home builder to sell custom build homes in their new community project. The project is still in it’s intial planning stages.
  • Online Digital Magazine: Planning and designing the July issue of an online digital lifestyle and business magazine for entrepreneurs.

Personal Projects I’m Working On Now

  • Rebooting my newsletter. Want to become a reader? Subscribe here.
  • Reading: I read a lot. You can follow along on GoodReads. My current read: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.
  • Social: I’ve been known to hang out on Twitter and have recently re-committed to updating my Facebook page though both tend to slide when I get busy with work projects.
  • Fitness: The great weather in London has motivated my to get back on track with my training. I’m using a training program designed by Runkeeper and love it when the app shames me into doing a workout.

What’s Next?

  • Trying (and not always succeeding) to keep my portfolio updated.
  • Writing: I have always loved writing and write short stories simply for the joy of writing. Committed to dedicating an hour a week to getting the latest story out of my head and onto paper.
  • Family: Planning to head to Toronto to have a family fun day at Centre Island.
  • Vacation: Planning (or wanting to plan) a vacation to Europe in July 2017. 


  • Always open to discussing new projects and currently there is some bandwidth available for both website design and retainer clients.
  • Working from home means I like to (sometimes have to!) get out from time to time. I’m available for coffee. If interests align, let’s connect.

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Simran Singh
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Tera Warner

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“iDeborah not only provides awesome delivery, she is intuitive, makes my digital marketing look professional, and saves me a huge amount of time.”
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