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If you’ve been waiting for a spot to free up in my practice (and I know many of you have), I have great news for you!  The doors are open, come on in!

The last six months of 2008, my weekly eZine walked you through setting up a squeeze page, building a website, getting your first audio product together, choosing a broadcast service and more.

And many of you wrote asking for help.  Some of you wanted one-one-one training to master the techniques yourself.  Others of you wanted someone to take on marketing tasks so that you could focus on serving the people you were meant to serve.  Makes sense, right?  After all, long time readers will know that I often write about focusing on your brilliance and outsourcing the tasks that aren’t your core competencies.

Many of you took me up on the offer last month of one-on-one training sessions but many more of you got in touch looking for more specialized ongoing support.

That’s why I got busy building a team.

I want to see you succeed.  And I know I can help.  But I wouldn’t be able to do it alone so I’ve been busy training a team of internet marketing and new media specialists to help me help you.

Meet the new Virtual Partner team:

Sarah specializes in online customer care.  She’s trained in Kunaki and 1ShoppingCart but above all, she is personally trained in my world class customer care standards.

Delaine is also a Customer Care Specialist and provides backup support.  Her main focus is web maintenance and has been personally trained by me to be a Web Coding Ninja.  She can put togethers eZines and optin pages in a flash and can also handle many web maintenance tasks (blogging, adding testimonials from AudioGenerator or AudioAcrobat, integrating opt-in forms, etc.).  I’ll be personally training her in all the tools she’ll need to support any Online Entrepreneur. 

Spencer is my meticulous editor and proof reader.  I don’t know how he does it but he catches stuff that I just don’t see.  He’s good.  No he’s beyond good – he’s great!  The best proof reader I’ve ever worked with.

Edward is my secret weapon… and my brother 🙂  He’s a programming genius and an excellent web server admin.  He’s helped me with many projects that require specialized skills such as Kayako installs, membership program installs, and PHP coding (when I get busy and can’t do it myself). 

Jason is my go to guy for web graphics: website headers, custom Twitter backgrounds and more.  He’s an experienced graphic artist and also a pro at photo restoration and editing.  And soon he’ll be dabbling in online video editing.  We’ll keep him busy for sure!

And then there’s me.  I’ll still be doing all of the things you know me to do (and do really well).  You’ll still have direct contact with me so if you need to discuss a project, no matter how big or small, I’ll be the one smiling on the other end.  But now I’ll have a team I can count on to help me deliver projects faster and keep me on track when projects with my online business management clients require immediate attention. 

I’m so excited to have my Dream Team in place.  And the best part is, they’re all old friends and have seen me on my best and worst days 🙂  And I’ve known them all long enough to know where their strengths and passions lie.  I’m excited to be able to introduce them to you so that we can help you make 2009 the best year for your online business.

Get in touch with me today!  I can help you get your project off the ground or take your business to the next level.

I look forward to hearing all your great ideas!  Let’s talk soon.

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