I don’t remember where I read this statistic but every day, over 144 000 hard drives crash and millions of people every year lose their precious memories and data.. things like

  • baby pictures
  • photo albums
  • videos of the family
  • tax returns
  • pictures of their cat (wait… maybe that’s just me?!?!?)

Yup, I’ll admit it… I’ve lost data a few times in recent years. And it’s not like I don’t know better – I have backups of backups – but sometimes I’m just plain foolish.

Take my most recent data loss as an example:

This past summer, I set my office up in the living room. For those of you that know me, you know that my big quest for several years was to move into a place that had a room that I could dedicate to be my office… rather than having my office in the living room! So in January 2013, I packed up my bags, computer, the contents of my apartment and my precious kitty and made the move to London, Ontario into a gorgeous 1 bedroom + den apartment right in the heart of downtown London.

And I loved my place! I loved my office! Except for one day in the summer, when the sun was streaming in through my big balcony window and I could just hear the strains of the rock concert that was happening in the park right across the street from my building.

The sun and the music didn’t reach me in my huge den (the room measured 10′ by 10′).

So I moved my computer, my backup drive and my external drive that I used to store things like all my audio files (I have an extensive CD collection and spent weeks ripping music and saving it to my backup drive so I could stream music from anywhere in my apartment and load up my favorites to my iPod to keep me company when I run).

But… I was lazy.

When I hooked up the external hard drive, I let the power cable hang right off the front of my kitchen table, instead of threading it around to the other side of the table… directly in the path I had to take to get in and out of my chair.

All went well for a few weeks. The sun was still shining, the three day concert had long ended but I had my music collection to keep me happy.

Then the inevitable happened: my foot snagged the power cable when I climbed over it and pulled the hard drive right off the table!

I scrambled to pick it up and was amazed that it booted right back up and all my data was still there.

Whew… crisis averted!

You would think at this point, I’d thank my lucky stars, shut down the drive and move the power cable to a place I wouldn’t trip on it.

You would think wrong!

A week later, I knocked the drive off the table again… ironically, as I was packing up the computer to move back into my beloved office.

This time, the drive didn’t do so well. The data is still on there and I can read it but the drive always times out when generating the directory structure. My backup drive sits on the shelf of my new office (I’ve moved into a place that has a window in my office… at least I’ve learned one lesson!), mocking me with memories of the music that resides there (not to mention, archives of every inactive client file / project I have ever worked on…. and a 1000+ pictures of my kitten!).

I know what it’s like to lose precious memories. That’s why I’ve been evaluating an online storage solution.

You can get started and backup EVERYTHING you own!

All your:

  • Laptops and Personal Computers
  • All your tablets, cell phones and mobile devices
  • All your precious memories!!

Setup and configuration was SUPER easy! My first backup started within minutes and my data has been backing up daily for a few months now.

You can sign up here:

http://gotbackup.com/?id=ideborah (my affiliate link)