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Meet our Digital Marketing Specialist Deborah Carraro

We’ve met with hundreds of Small Business Owners about Digital Marketing
and we have listened to their needs.

Quirky and authentic in all her thousand parts, she’s known for calling to sing you silly songs when you’re feeling blue and her infectious smile. She loves listening to people’s stories and always coaxes people to reveal the movie that is their life.

Her story includes battling online business super villains into submission as an Online Business Manager, helping clients pump up the volume on their online presence or share their stories via new media, rockin’ a microphone and singing her little heart out at conferences, in musicals and yes, even a Karaoke night or two (okay 300!), and being the Go-To-Techie-Gal when things go wrong or you just can’t figure out how to get the Internet Gremlins to play nice.

In her downtime, she sings (a lot!), cooks delicious meals for the people she loves, dotes on iKitten, cheers on her local hockey team, and laces up her sneakers (run little feet run!).

A true joy to be around and an inspiration to work with, she always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart (if not on her lips).

Deborah Carraro
Deborah CarraroDigital Marketing Strategist