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Content Marketing

Stale, boring content hurts your business and turns off potential customers. Nobody likes to be sold. That’s why branded content can help your potential customers make better purchase decisions. At iDeborah Marketing we have a team of extremely talented content marketing professionals who help online business owners with content creation, editorial calendar development, and content promotion.

Get The Most From Content Marketing

Success in content marketing is all about communicating the right message at the right time to your potential customers. Newsletters and nurture campaigns, blog posts, eBooks, targeted landing pages and updated social pages help influence buyers. If your content marketing plan isn’t putting your words and images to work across multiple distribution channels, we can help.

IDEB Model

At iDeborah Marketing the process starts with our I-D-E-B model: Indentify – Discover – Engage – Buy-In. The IDEB model forms the foundation of your strategy. Businesses that follow this model earn trust and credibility. Engaging and informative content brings people back to your content and brings you to the top of their mind so when they’re ready to buy, it’s with you. That’s the ultimate goal of content marketing.

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