3 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Everywhere you look you see people using Smart Phones, iPhones and a variety of handheld devices to surf the web.  I'm sure there's some fancy statistic I could look up that will tell me the percentage of browsing done by mobile device... and I'm sure as soon as I type [...]

The John Mayer Digital Cleanse

Happy New Year!  2010 is off to an interesting start for me.  A day before New Year's Eve, I happened to see a tweet by John Mayer proposing a week long hiatus from Twitter, Facebook, texting and mobile e-mail.  When I first saw the tweet, I thought of all the [...]

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QuanSite Revolution Has A New Theme Song!

Okay, okay, so it's not official.  Okay, okay, so it's not even recorded yet.  I was inspired, or quanspired, by Timothy Carter to rework the lyrics to Love Shack. Okay Timothy, here's what I've managed to get down so far: If you see a twtvite lighting up your stream that [...]

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