3 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Everywhere you look you see people using Smart Phones, iPhones and a variety of handheld devices to surf the web.  I’m sure there’s some fancy statistic I could look up that will tell me the percentage of browsing done by mobile device… and I’m sure as soon as I type it here, it will be outdated.  Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of mobile browsing going on.

Of course, devices like the iPhone and iPad and the Samsung Galaxy S3 make it easy to browse the web, no matter where you happen to be.  So chances are that your site has been visited recently by someone using a mobile device.  If you do any kind of e-mail marketing (publish a newsletter or send regular broadcasts to your followers) or even if you post links to your content on Twitter or Facebook, people will find your site on their phones.  I don’t know about you, but I have email delivered to my Blackberry and often click on the links in the emails to find out more information or view a special offer.  Chances are pretty good that mobile browsers have come knocking on your virtual door.

That’s why I want to cover a few simple ways to make your site mobile friendly.  I said simple — I’m not going to get too techie.  If you need help with any of these steps, just drop me a line in the comments or on Twitter.
Testing Your Site
First thing’s first: you need to check if your site is mobile friendly.  There’s an online validator that can test your site but I promised to keep these steps [...]

Social Media For Social Causes

Okay I’ll admit it, I applied to for Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Internship and I’m excited to have made it to Round 3.  Like him or not, you’ve got to admit that it would be a really cool summer job (for the record, I do happen to like him).
#TigerBloodIntern Round 3

Social Media For Social Causes
The challenge asked me to consider what I would do if I were the Social Media Director of a major humanitarian organization.  But it got me thinking, what would I do if I were the Social Media Director for any organization wanted to raise money for social cause?

If you’ve been watching recent global events, you’ll know that social media is a powerful tool to raise awareness about a cause.

The social media response to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan is evident in the multiple online fund raising campaigns that were started within hours of the disaster, many by volunteers who were moved to get involved.

That’s why social organizations are increasingly turning to social media sites to promote causes and to allow individuals to flex their social responsibility muscles though sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The Red Cross raises funds for disaster relief through text messaging but there are other options available to social organizations.
Create The Necessary Social Media Accounts
The first step would be to create the necessary social media accounts.  At minimum, get on Twitter and create a Facebook Page to help keep visitors informed about the current crisis and spread awareness of how to get involved.  But don’t just create a profile and send out information.  Be active in those communities.  Respond to inquiries [...]

Tweet Much? Three Twitterific Tips For Twitter Newcomers

Okay, I admit it, I’m a twaddict (Twitter Addict) though I have been off the grid the past month and not tweeting 24/7 (though oddly, still reading the tweets of others… just being a fly on the wall I guess!).  I was speaking with a new social media management client a few weeks ago and she asked me to share my best tip for Twitter.  “Be yourself” I replied.

Twitter is a great engagement tool, especially for business.  But there’s a fine line to tread between providing good exposure for your business and inadvertently doing something that could damage your brand.

So let’s review my top three tips for Twitter newbies.
Twitter Tip #1: Be Yourself
Clients often ask me about their “voice” when tweeting and engaging in social media.  “What persona should I adopt?” they ask.  “Be yourself” I tell them.  Talk about the things that matter to you.  Even in you’re using Twitter for business.  Maybe especially if you’re using Twitter for business.  The online marketplace is different now.  People need to feel connected to you and know and like you to build enough trust to buy something from you.  So talk about the thinks that matter to you.  Some of my favorite Twitter accounts have tweeters sharing funny things their children say.  You can also talk about recent achievements and personal milestones.  I love talking about music or sharing my favorite tunes.  Talk about your favorite bands or a TV show.  These are just some examples.  The topic really doesn’t matter.  Join conversations that interest you and be friendly – just as you would at any party where a group of people [...]

The John Mayer Digital Cleanse

Happy New Year!  2010 is off to an interesting start for me.  A day before New Year’s Eve, I happened to see a tweet by John Mayer proposing a week long hiatus from Twitter, Facebook, texting and mobile e-mail.  When I first saw the tweet, I thought of all the reasons I couldn’t partake but it was appealing to me.  In fact, I know that I tweeted a half-hearted committed response… I’d link to it on Twitter for you but… I’m off Twitter this week.

Turns out, I decided to jump right in with both feet on January 1st.  I didn’t even get out any last Happy New Year tweets and text messages.  My cousin sent me a text message early on New Year’s day, long before the cut off time, and I didn’t reply via text.  I was already in digital cleanse mode.

It’s been an interesting experience so far but I guess I should outline my current digital habits for you so you can judge for yourself whether or not I’ll gain any benefit from disconnecting for a while:

- My family communicates by text message: My brother’s and sister’s text me exclusively.  I rarely receive calls from them… it’s always a text message.  If I don’t reply to their text message, they send me a message on Facebook or IM me on Yahoo or MSN.

- I Tweet / Facebook for work: Clients communicate with me via DM on Twitter.  I also do brand monitoring on Twitter.  So I’m changing my game plan for the week.  Any tweets initiated by me will obviously not go out.  Any DM’s that are sent to me will [...]

The New Face of the Season

I had some down time last night and decided to give my brain a break with a couple of hours in front of the tv.  I rarely watch tv these days, preferring to spend my time reading or writing or doing just about any other than watching tv.  But every once in a while I do find myself surfing aimlessly and last night was such a night.

I won’t bore you with what I watched (it was bad enough that it bored me) but I did see something interesting: a commercial that featured a twitter handle in small print at the bottom of the screen.  I couldn’t believe it.  I turned to my partner and said “Did you see that?  That commerical had their Twitter handle.”  He missed it but it was there.  As I said, I don’t watch much tv so this may be commonplace but it was the first time I’ve seen a commercial include a Twitter ID.  And it got me to thinking that the smart retailers would take advantage of the power of Twitter over the upcoming holiday season.

Let’s face it, advertising has changed.
Today’s consumers are a different breed.  They’re more savvy and aware of the media that they have become virtually impervious to ads.  They don’t respond when someone tells them what to buy or how to spend their money.  Those advertising tactics are lost in the new media marketing world.  And while the principles of scarcity still apply to advertising and marketing, unless the tactic is being used legitimately and ethically, buyers will become blind to that tactic as well.

Today’s consumer buys based on word-of-mouth.  They want [...]

New FREE Twitter App Will Quickly Dominate The Market

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big fan of Twitter.  After all, you’ll see me with iPod in hand, tweeting my day away :-)

I use several Twitter applications and have a few that are my faves.  I’ll usually have one or two running at the same time on my desktop and bounce between a few on my iPod.  I rarely tweet from my browser because I prefer apps that enhance my Twitter experience.

But I just downloaded this HOT NEW Free Twitter Desktop App:

It’s called TweetGlide, and it is VERY impressive…. and FREE!

It makes using Twitter a lot easier because you can easily manage all aspects of your account from one location…

…it also has a built in traffic network designed to send you free traffic to your website when you post updates from inside the app.

You have to see it in action!

What makes this app stand above the crowd is that it will help you get FREE traffic.  It has a similar user interface to popular Twitter apps such as Twirl and Tweet Deck, where you have different panels for the Twitter Stream, your @ replies, and your direct messages.

But what makes TweetGlide different, and more importantly, what gets you TRAFFIC is the additional panel called the “Members Ad Stream” where the ad (which looks like a Twitter post) that you created from inside the app will be displayed on OTHER TweetGlide users “Ad Stream” panel.

It’s super easy to use and benefit from. All you have to do is download it for free and maintain the same Twitter activity you were before you heard about this.  It’s [...]

QuanSite Revolution Has A New Theme Song!

Okay, okay, so it’s not official.  Okay, okay, so it’s not even recorded yet.  I was inspired, or quanspired, by Timothy Carter to rework the lyrics to Love Shack.

Okay Timothy, here’s what I’ve managed to get down so far:

If you see a twtvite lighting up your stream that says
’15 tweets to the QuanShack” Quan Shack yeah, yeah
I’m headin’ down the New Media Highway
Lookin’ for a Quan getaway, Headin’ for the Quan getaway

I got me a Quan$ite, it’s the only thing
That I need to explode my business
I got me a Quan$ite, it’s all I need
To be part of a Secret Society

The QuanShack is a little old place
Where we can get together
QuanShack, baby
(A quan shack baby)
Quan Shack, baby, quan shack
Quan Shack, baby, quan shack

Quan Shack, baby, quan shack
(Quan baby, that’s where it’s at)
Quan Shack, baby, quan shack
(Quan baby, that’s where it’s at)

Sign says, ‘Stay away fools’
‘Cause quan rules at the Quan shack
Well, it’s set way back in the middle of a field
Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back

Quan on the mattress
Quan on the highway
Quan on the front porch
Quan on the highway

The QuanShack is a great place
Where we can get together
QuanShack, baby
(A quan shack baby)
Quan Shack, that’s where it’s at
Quan Shack, that’s where it’s at

If you’d like to contribute to the lyrical masterpiece, feel free to comment below.

I Should Be Working But I Have iRockstar Dreams

As you know, I’ve been knee deep into launch prep for The Quan$ite Revolution for weeks months now!  I had plans to attend Blog World next month.  Really vague plans that revolved around me getting my passport renewed (didn’t happen) and meeting my own sales goals before taking a working vacation (like every responsible business owner should do when they’re looking for an excuse NOT to do something :-) )

Every week, my computer would remind me (DING!) to get my passport renewed.  And every week, I’d snooze the reminder.  Weeks turned into months… and still no passport.  Meh, who really wants to go to Blog World anyway, right?

ME!  But only because I found about The Tweetup Karaoke!

Okay so NOW I’m kicking myself for being lazy on the passport renewal action.  I tried to talk @unmarketing into some kind of Live Stream Karaoke but he wouldn’t have any part of my crazy rockstar dreams!

So I’ll be here.  In the City.  Filling out my passport application while all the cool tweeps are down in Vegas feeding their inner rockstars.  Not to be left out of the fun, I thought I’d audition for next year’s backup singer position.

Waddya think?  Will I make the cut?

The Curse of the Capable

If you’ve been following my tweets over the past few months, you’ll know that I’ve been working with a fabulous author on the design of his newest book.  After many hours of dedicated work, I’m proud to announce the the project is in production and the title already available on Amazon for pre-order.

I believe that Dr. Ciaramicoli’s newest book (written with John Allen Mollenhauer) is a must-read for anyone who is a solo-entrepreneur.  If you manage your own business, chances are your life is little short in the balance department.  If you’re a driven and passionate, not to mention multi-talented solo-pro like me (hey somebody’s got to toot my horn!) then chances are you’re lacking in the life balance department.

Dr. C has addressed a problem that is prevalent amongst capable individuals and gives them the concrete tools they need to change their stories and change their lives.  Now that the layout of the book is complete, I’m looking forward to reading through it and bringing my professional and personal life and relationships into focus.

If you’re looking to discover whether or not you’re afflicted with The Curse and want to take better care of yourself, then I urge you to pick up the new book today!

5 Social Media Marketing Don’ts

This article written by by Amanda Moshier at WPromote hit my inbox recently and as many of my readers are interested in social media, I thought I’d share it.  Enjoy!
5 Social Media Don’ts To Avoid If You Want To Make A Positive Impression
With the popularity of social media on the rise, more and more companies are entering the fray. Many recognize the value of branding themselves online in a low-cost, transparent way and engaging with consumers in their target demographic, many of whom have become accustomed to ignoring traditional advertisements and basing their purchase decisions instead on word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and peers. For this reason alone, any brand seeking a foothold in the future can almost not afford to leverage social media on some level; the problem is many brands simply don’t know how.

If you are a business looking to get started in social media, you are on the right track. But just as social media done well will help expose your brand to the right consumers, committing social media faux pas can leave you worse off than before you started. Don’t let this happen. To help you get a handle on navigating what is still very much a new frontier, we have compiled a list of five social media don’ts and what to do instead.

1 – Don’t use an alias

When conversations about your brand are taking place online, valuable knowledge can be gathered regarding what the consumer wants and how your company is stacking up against competitors. While it may be tempting to eavesdrop on these conversations without revealing your identity, doing so would defeat the entire purpose.

Identify [...]