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The Facebook Traffic System

Are you looking for real, targeted traffic from the hot social media sites?

Then you’ll want to pay attention to the video below where you’ll discover how to find targeted leads using only Facebook…

I haven’t taken this specific course but I have taken another of Brian’s courses and the content is fantastic!  Brian really knows his stuff, too.  In order to have success with Facebook, you’ll need to understand how to find customers & make more sales using these new traffic strategies, not just build “fans”!

I tried one of the strategies explained in the video when the system was first released back in June and it really made a difference in the amount of traffic that came to both my Facebook page and my own website.  And I even made a few sales as a direct result.

Click here to see this strategy in action and try it out for yourself!

Introducing The DotCom Mechanics Virtual Classroom

I have a special announcement for you today!

I’m ready to bite the bullet and let you in on something that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. What I’m about to share with you is a goldmine of step-by-step training and tutorials to help you launch and grow your own online business and I’m so excited that you’re reading this message because I’ve designed these tutorials for you!

You see, I’ve been helping people just like you get past the technical hiccups that can stop them from launching a successful and profitable online business. Isn’t it interesting to learn that not only hundreds but thousands of entrepreneurs have thought of starting an internet based business but had their dreams disappear in a cloud of frustration, disappointment and defeat by the seemingly endless technical challenges along the way?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a steady source of simple step-by-step instructions that are so easy to follow, it’s not any more challenging than, say watching TV?

That’s what you’ll get when you become a student in the DotCom Mechanics Virtual Classroom.
Drum Roll Please…
I’m super excited to announce that I’ve just opened the doors to the DotCom Mechanics Virtual Classroom. Let me tell you a bit about how it all works.

Each month, and sometimes several times a month, you’ll receive a video tutorial that gives you easy to understand instructions on how to execute certain tasks in your online business.

Want to learn how to create an opt-in offer to help you grow your mailing list? There’s a video for that.

Or how about how to create, write and deliver an ezine? [...]

The Forgotten Social Network

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it… for me LinkedIn is the forgotten social network.

Yes, I have profile, yes I’ve spent time optimizing it but I really don’t spend any time on it or do the simple things I could do to leverage it as a powerful network.

Watching this video convinced me I should

Stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to watch the video, now! It explains why this often overlooked social networking site is delivering double the results over every other site.

Lewis Howes (the main guy when it comes to all things LinkedIn) explains how he drives a ton of automated traffic to his sites daily, has built an uber responsive email list, and created multiple 6 figure businesses over the last year…

… all from spending a few minutes a day on this forgotten social network.

So go ahead and watch the video

You’ll learn:

Why LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business profession
How to get a job using LinkedIn (in any economy)
How to build a 40,000 person email list on LinkedIn
How to drive More Traffic to your site
How to generate More Sales on autopilot
How to double conversions on LinkedIn Ads
How to use this “secret network” to connect with key decision makers
And more!

You need to step up your efforts on LinkedIn… so do I!

Watch this short video to learn why.

Freshbooks: Online Invoicing Made Easy

One of my favorite tools in my business is Freshbooks. I’ve been using this online invoicing and time tracking software since last fall and it’s been an awesome addition to my toolkit.

Freshbooks is a web-based time tracking and invoicing application that makes it easy for virtual assistants, consultants, and small business owners to accurately track and bill for their time. Whether you charge on an hourly basis, a per project basis or even have a team that works with you on client projects, Freshbooks will help streamline the process of tracking your time and expenses and generating an invoice at the end of your billing period.

I don’t know about you but it used to take me ages to create an invoice. Well maybe not ages but at least 10 to 20 minutes per invoice. I used to have to export a spreadsheet from my online time tracking program, sort the data by client and then manually create an invoice and manually submit the invoice to the client for payment, sometimes even having to go the extra step of recreating the invoice in Paypal.

With Freshbooks, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now I simply use the built in time tracker software and at the end of the billing period, generate and invoice. What used to take up to 20 minutes now takes a matter of seconds. And the best part is, I can customize my invoice template to include my logo and other personalized details and also generate an e-mail notification to the client or even send it via snail mail for those who [...]

WordPress Plugin: WishList Member

I often get asked what’s the fastest to create a membership site.  Everyone has heard that one of the keys to increasing revenues is to create a continuity product.  To create a membership site.  I’ve tested quite a few on behalf of clients and one of my favorites is WishList Member.
What Is A Membership Site?
Essentially, a membership site is when anyone pays to access information you publish in a password protected area on your site.  You can offer exclusive articles, information, or even a service.
WishList Member
When I was working with a client a few years ago, I downloaded the plugin, installed it within a couple of minutes, and then configured the settings, following the fantastic video tutorials on their site.  Being a techie, the control panel was instantly intuitive to me, but I showed it to my client and she thought it was intuitive too.  What she loved best was how simple it is to lock down my “members-only” content.  One tag and that’s it!  She also loved that content could instantly be time-released.  She had a membership program about Social Media that was based on a series of lessons with each one building upon the last.  She wanted her audience to sit with the lesson for a week and implement what they learned before moving on to the next lesson.  WishList enables her to set up the time release of her content automatically.  Awesome feature!

WishList Member is a powerful membership script that can turn any WordPress blog into a full blown membership site.  It’s a premium plugin, meaning there’s a fee to download the [...]

Let’s Get Social!

Those of you that know me, know that I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing tweeps and Facebook experts and learn the strategy behind social media from early adopters and prolific tweeters.  But when I wanted to improve my skills and learn the art of social media management, I turned to the Social Media Fly Girl: Kate Buck, Jr.

Late last year I watched a new video called… “The Most IN-DEMAND Job on Earth”… you can watch it here

Ever wish you could get paid to hang out on Twitter and Facebook?  This course teaches you how to set up your own Social Media Management business and if you follow the story of Kate, you’ll know she went from unemployed to $10,000 / month after expenses all while playing on her iPhone.

I’m not there… yet :-) but I know that with the training provided by Kate will help me get there.

Kate had already been on my radar.  It was easy to find her on different social networks, sharing her knowledge.  I didn’t have direct contact with her but knew that her course would be full of great tips and tested social media marketing techniques and strategies because I’d seen her in action.  So I registered for her course and began to benefit personally from her expertise.
What You Get
The course is delivered online through a membership site and contains six basic training modules:

Branding You
Service Offerings
Doing the Work
Finding Clients
Nuts & Bolts

Each training module consists of one or more videos along with the same presentation in a downloadable audio (.mp3) file, [...]

SEOPressor: Premium WordPress SEO Plugin

Earlier this week, I spoke about the All-In-One SEO WordPress plugin. It’s a free plugin that does a great job to help you get started with optimizing your site. You can read more about it on my main site and download it through the Plugins area of your WordPress dashboard.

The All-In-One SEO Pack helps you add a title, keywords and description to every blog post. It’s one of the plugins I’m always asked about when I work with new clients and it’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins available.

But if you really want to take your SEO to the next level, I recommend a plugin called SEO Pressor.
SEO Pressor: A WordPress SEO Plugin
SEO Pressor is a WordPress plugin that goes a step beyond the free SEO plugins that are available. It analyzes your site and gives you suggestions for improving your tags, keyword density, image tags, keyword placement
and more. It even “grades” your site and teaches you about SEO on the fly. It’s sort of like having your own SEO consultant working for you full time… someone who shows you step by step what to do.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that SEO Pressor can do for you:
In-Depth Analysis
SEOPressor depends on a factor known as the SEO Score for calculating the worthiness of a particular website. This score is a very unique aspect of SEOPressor and the best thing about it is that its results correspond exactly with what a superlative tool such as Google Analytics will show you.
Suggestions For Improvement
SEOPressor [...]

Traffic Geyser: Build Web Traffic Easily

I’ve been using Traffic Geyser for a while now.  I was asked to sign up for a trial several months ago by a client who wanted to evaluate the tool.  They ended up not using the system but I decided to keep it on hand and use it in my work with several clients.

Essentially, Traffic Geyser is a tool that submits your videos to one of 18 video social networking sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.  Instead of visiting each site and uploading your video individually, you create your video, upload it to Traffic Geyser and it distributes it to each directory you want to share the video with.  The process runs automatically once you’ve loaded your video and queued the submission and saves you time since you only submit the video to Traffic Geyser once.

Like other content distribution services, the task of distributing is automated, allowing you to spend time focusing on content creation, not distribution.  And unlike some of the other content distribution services, you get a report of the successful and failed submissions.  You know at a glance whether your videos were successfully shared, without having to track down each video individually at the different sites.
Why Is Video Distribution Important?
Let’s face it, videos perform well in Google Search.  Videos help increase your chance of appearing in Google Search results.  From an engagement stand-point, videos are a great way of connecting with your followers and letting them get to know and see who you are and what you’re about.  You’re spending time creating video and delivering great content, it would be a shame to limit your reach.

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    BackupBuddy Review: Pushbutton Easy Protection For Your Blogs

BackupBuddy Review: Pushbutton Easy Protection For Your Blogs

How would you feel if you woke up one morning and discovered that your blog had been hacked?

Did your heart just drop to your stomach? After all, you’ve probably spent countless hours optimizing your blog, tweaking your theme (or having a custom theme designed for you) and publishing regular content. And in an instant, it’s all gone!

If blogging is an important aspect of your business, then you should ensure that this key asset is fully protected.
My Data’s Secure
One of the key selling points of hosted blogs, is the disaster recovery protection that they offer. No need to worry about making your own backups or figuring out how to restore things once something has gone wrong. Your monthly fee for the service guarantees that someone else will be responsible for restoring your site should something go wrong.

Even if you host your blog yourself, you could rely on your web hosting company to recover data from their backups. But that could take time and every second that your blog is offline impacts your business.
But Wait, Doesn’t WordPress Handle Backups Itself?
No, you still need to install a backup plugin. There isn’t a built in backup feature for WordPress. Most WordPress backup plugins only backup your database. And that’s really not enough should your site need restoring.
Introducing BackupBuddy
BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup plugin that backs up the database WordPress is installed in, your plugins, your themes, images and other uploads… essentially everything related to your WordPress install. It’s a full backup of your entire WordPress blog. And best of all, it’s [...]

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    HootSuite Review: Manage Your Social Media Through One Dashboard

HootSuite Review: Manage Your Social Media Through One Dashboard

Twitter has been a revolutionary tool for business owners who maintain an online presence. Even though Twitter limits you to only 140 characters, it’s ability to reach a wider audience make it a MUST for every entrepreneur out there (online or offline) to create their own Twitter account and start tweeting!

Once you start becoming an active tweeter, you can use the microblogging service to identify and follow key people in their industries, get up-to-date feeds on the latest breaking news, industry trends, industry competition, as well as creative ideas for articles and marketing!

As you start to create relationships, you’ll have a boatload of information you’ll need to track. People you want to connect with. Developments in your niche on which you want to remain current. The stream of information is endless and can seem overwhelming. That’s why you’ll need help organizing all of it. There are various applications that even allow you to manage these feeds. HootSuite is one of those applications.

HootSuite allows you to efficiently schedule tweets, link existing RSS feeds and tweet them out, use tweet broadcasting, manage multiple Twitter accounts, track tweet statistics, and even allow for multiple editors so Corporate users can have several team members tweet under the same profile. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features.
Schedule Tweets
I’ll admit, I rarely use the scheduled tweet feature unless I tweet on behalf of a client and know that I’m not going to be in the office at the time the tweet is scheduled. After all, it’s a social platform, you should be around to engage and interact with your followers, not [...]