Happy Client: Get Wrestling Strength

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that one of my clients was rethinking his opt-in strategy.  (If you missed that post, you can read about it here).

Well I’m happy to announce that the project was completed a couple of weeks ago and ready to unveil it for you.
Get Wrestling Strength: Video Tips Lead To Increased Sales For Fast Action Takers!
Get Wrestling Strength offers strength training and mental conditioning tips to transform weak wrestlers into “pinning machines” (i.e. champion wrestlers).

As part of the new opt-in strategy (you can see the old one here), Zach recorded a series of video tips (seven to be exact) that share his best strategies for developing a winning mindset and improving speed, power and athleticism.  Once visitors opt-in at his video squeeze page, they are entered into an auto-responder sequence designed to deliver one video tip daily for seven days.
Video Series Template
As part of the video tips, I modified one of the templates available as part of the Video Squeeze Page Templates to give the video series an edgy and cohesive look and feel.  The templates are designed for static HTML websites so I modified them for use with the Get Wrestling Strength WordPress site.

As part of the overall opt-in strategy, Zach wanted to offer a fast action bonus to his followers.  Each tip in the series offered a discount on a new ebook training program called “Workouts That Win.”

I used the One-Time Offer Manager WordPress Plugin to ensure that the discount rewarded action takers.  Zach wanted the discount to be available for the duration of the series only and expire once the video tips [...]

Happy Client: BT Basketball 2.0

I love helping clients sites online.  I especially love helping clients find different ways of communicating with the people they’re here to serve.  When you work with me, you’ll find that I’m not just here to build your WordPress site… I also help you understand how to use tools like Twitter and Facebook to help connect with your audience and often share tips that have worked for other clients if I see that they fit with your business.
BT Basketball Upgrades To WordPress
Meet Brian Thomas. Brian is passionate about basketball and excited to nurture a passion for the game in guys and girls of all ages.  BT Basketball is dedicated to helping young people improve their skills, learn the game, and, most importantly, love the game of basketball.

Brian has been blogging since the Fall of 2010 on a Blogspot site.  As his business grew (and his audience grew with him), he realized the benefits of having a WordPress site hosted on his own domain.
Blogspot to WordPress Conversion
Exporting a Blogspot site to WordPress is a relatively painless process.  WordPress has a great tool to facilitate the conversion of other blogging platforms to the WordPress format.  The fun work came in designing a template to showcase the fantastic work that Brian is doing with his basketball clinics and events.

We worked together to select images to showcase on his site and I designed a theme that is reminiscent of the photos we all used to display as teens in our lockers or on a mirror or bulletin board at home.  We also added a photo gallery to share images from past Basketball Clinics.

I [...]

Happy Client: Gentle Connections Gets A Mini-Makeover

My brother is a geek like me and for a while, he was helping people (mainly friends and family) build static HTML sites.  He’s a cracker jack programmer so his sites were always clean from a code perspective but being that they were static HTML, they weren’t always the easiest sites to update… especially if you didn’t know much HTML… especially if you’re using notepad to make your edits.

Last month, he called me up and asked if I had time to do some edits on one of the sites he built.  He was starting to convert it over to WordPress but didn’t have the time to dedicate to the project.  Enter big sis!
Meet Gentle Connections
Gentle Connections offers infant massages classes in the Greater Toronto Area.  At the time that we first started working together, they were preparing for a promo that was being run.  So we worked quickly to update the current site so as to leverage the traffic that would be arriving as a result of the promo.  Once the dust had settled, we got started on their website overhaul.
HTML To WordPress Conversion
I reserved space on my development server so that I could build the site without causing any downtime on her current site.  A template was selected that allowed me to replicate the current site as closely as possible and I got cracking on customizing the template files to match her branding.

And then I got to work selecting the best plugins to enhance their site:

cforms for the submission of their infant registration forms
Enhanced Paypal Shortcodes to make the setup of paypal buttons a snap
NextGEN Gallery [...]

Happy Client: The Rebel Belle Introduces You To Human Design

Sometimes it’s the most obvious things that are overlooked in a business.  Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle as she’s known, has been getting some excellent exposure as a guest speaker for certain events.  As we were speaking during one of our regular strategy calls, I asked her if she had anything to give away at the back of the room.  It could either be a product that people could be directed to purchase at the end of her session or even a free gift.  She didn’t have anything.  So we created a free CD that she could gift to her audience.
Kunaki Makes CD Publishing Easy!
I’ve been using Kunaki for a few years now and it really makes CD / DVD on demand publishing a snap!  Not only is the service easy to use but the price to print a full color CD or DVD with a shrink wrapped jewel case or DVD case makes it very affordable for the first time publisher.

Creating a project is as easy as visiting http://kunaki.com and using their publishing software to create your audio or video product.  The publishing software walks you through the steps you need to take in order to publish your project, including the design of your CD / DVD print or cover artwork.  If you’re not handy with graphics, you can use their editor to design your artwork or have a graphic designer create custom graphics for you.  Specs for the custom designs are available on the Kunaki site.
Speaker Fulfillment Services
Let’s face it, your time is better spent preparing for your next speaking engagement rather than worrying about creating your [...]

Happy Client: Multiple Streams Theme Customization

A few weeks ago I received a call from David Dutton.  He was looking for someone who could customize a Multiple Streams Theme WordPress blog theme and wondered if I was up to the task.

Turns out he had already contracted someone for the project and they had delayed on getting started.  Not only that but once they did get started, they realized that the project was beyond their skill set.  So asking if I was capable of customizing the theme was a valid question.

I use the Multiple Streams Theme on my own blog and knew I could manage the task.
Multiple Streams Theme Customizations
The Multiple Streams Theme is a very well built WordPress theme.  But unlike some other premium themes, most of the customizations need to be done in the code directly rather than through the theme editor that some premium themes have.  With the Multiple Streams Theme, you need to modify the php and css files directly in order to make changes.  It’s a very well designed theme and once you know where changes need to be made, it’s easy to understand how to customize the theme.

I worked with David to create a custom header for the site as well as tweak the layout and look and feel of the theme.  We also worked together to design a few graphics to be used in the sidebar and to highlight some important site features.  The project was completed on a tight time line – the majority of the site was ready within 24 hours and launched on his own server within a week.

You can see the results of the customizations below or [...]

Happy Client: Zach Even-Esh Increases Opt-Ins With One Simple Tweak

Did you know that one simple WordPress plugin could dramatically increase your email list opt-in rate?  Zach Even-esh knows and that’s why he hired me to customize the popular Popup Domination software for two of his blog sites.

Be sure to check out both his WordPress site (built by yours truly last month) GetWrestlingStrength.com as well as his QuanSite ZachEven-Esh.com to see the popup in action.  Pretty fancy, huh?  And all easy to achieve with Popup Domination.  It literally takes a few minutes to install the plugin (which we could do on his WordPress site) and then the fun begins.  There are a few templates to choose from and you can build your popup using the templates provided or modify them as I did to use the custom images provided by Zach.

With his QuanSite, the project was a little trickier but still possible with the stand alone version of Popup Domination.

You can see the results of both Popup Domination customizations below:
Popup Domination: WordPress Plugin on GetWrestlingStrength.com

Popup Domination: Stand Alone version on ZachEven-Esh.com

Hire iDeborah
Need a WordPress plugin installed or customized on your site? Deborah Carraro is a WordPress whiz who specializes in easing the frustration that can come with learning a new technology. She manages the technical aspects of your blog so that you can focus on what you do best: blogging and serving your tribe.

If you’re ready to hire a seasoned blog or webmaster, contact Deborah today by filling out the form below!

Happy Client: Internet Marketing Chesapeake Launches Brand New WordPress Site

Internet Marketing Chesapeake is an exciting and fresh company focusing on implementing cutting edge new media marketing solutions for the small business owner.  They understand that prospective customers aren’t turning to a phone book, newspaper or even the Yellow Pages to find your business.  They’re more than likely turning to Google and that’s where Internet Marketing Chesapeake comes in.  They’re experts at getting local businesses to show up on the first page of Google.

Jerry, one of the principals at Internet Marketing Chesapeake, approached me late last year to help tweak the website for his new business initiative.  He had installed WordPress and the Super Clean theme but was challenged by the nature of the theme.  Some themes are easier to work with than others and the Super Clean theme, though completely customizable, is a theme that requires most of the customizations to be done via CSS and through the appearance editor rather than through a custom menu in the dashboard.

That’s where I came in.
Super Clean Theme Customizations
As Internet Marketing Chesapeake had already selected a domain name and website host and had already installed WordPress, the only thing left to do was to customize the theme and populate the site with their content.  The homepage for this theme allowed for rotating images so we worked together to replace the stock images that came with the Super Clean theme.  Unlike some other WordPress themes, where the homepage content is built through a WordPress page, the Super Clean theme required that the content be built through the index.php.

I worked with Jerry to populate the main sections of the new site and helped him integrate [...]

Consulting Services: The Rebel Belle

Tuck Self is The Rebel Belle! If you want to see some seriously fun and targeted branding, be sure to check out The Rebel Belle’s website.

We’ve been working closely with The Rebel Belle for several years and have help capture her voice and direct her online marketing efforts. In addition to assistance with blog updates, eZine Publication & shopping cart management, landing page and salespage design, Bay Street New Media frequently writes long and short copy for The Rebel Belle and has recently planned a social media campaign.

Outside of our project work, Bay Street New Media is often called on to offer strategic coaching and guidance. Our coaching and consulting is conducted via e-mail and telephone with the benefit being that we can quickly get into action on any recommended strategy. We meet regularly to discuss strategy and brainstorm new marketing initiatives and product development.

View the screenshot or visit The Rebel Belle to view the full site.

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Retainer Services: Raw Vegan Group

If your business is growing and you’re having to turn away opportunities because you’re busy wearing all the hats in your business, it may be time to consider delegating the daily management of your business to an Online Business Manager.

iDeborah Marketing & Consulting, specializes in working with coaches and online business owners who are looking for consulting and support in managing the technical and administrative aspects of their business and managing their teams, creating standard operating procedures or spearheading product development.

The Raw Vegan Group of Companies retained iDeborah’s Online Business Management services to manage an online portfolio of six active websites (including sales page builds, ongoing web maintenance, blog maintenance, management of a virtual dedicated server and more!), two membership programs, an affiliate program, a support desk, an outsource team and group coaching program.  iDeborah also wrote copy for autoresponders and worked to implement a promotion and marketing calendar.

With iDeborah on the job, the business owners were free to six months of the year to a tropical paradise where interruptions with internet connectivity were a frequent occurrence. The business owners could rest easy, knowing that any disruptions in their internet connectivity would not translate to lost sales in their online business.

Hire iDeborah
Interested in hiring an Online Business Manager? Deborah Carraro is a seasoned Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant who specializes in managing the daily operations of online based businesses.

If you’re ready to step back from day-to-day management and focus on growth, contact Deborah today to take your business to the next level!