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The First Rule of Fight Club

iMarketing Tip: Know Your Customer I'm a big movie buff and an even bigger music lover so it's not unusual to hear me quote movies or song lyrics. Case in point: The first rule of Fight Club: you do NOT talk about Fight Club. We're not going to talk about [...]

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3 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Everywhere you look you see people using Smart Phones, iPhones and a variety of handheld devices to surf the web.  I'm sure there's some fancy statistic I could look up that will tell me the percentage of browsing done by mobile device... and I'm sure as soon as I type [...]

OptimizePress: An Easy Tool For Designing Attractive Salespages & Landing Pages

Designing an effective and attractive salespage or landing page got a whole lot easier with the introduction of OptimizePress.  If you haven't heard the buzz, OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that gives online business owners with limited HTML coding and design skills the ability to create optimized squeeze pages, attractive [...]

The Top 5 Link Building Techniques

Several of my clients focus on organic SEO, as opposed to PPC advertising.  There is no denying that link building is a vital part of SEO. All successful entrepreneurs on the internet have devoted a considerable amount of time and energy (and money too in some cases) for establishing a [...]

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Q&A: Online Payment Processing For Beginners

A few weeks ago, one of my clients emailed me to ask about online payment processing.  It's a great topic so let's go over the options. As luck would have it, I am knowledgeable in this area :-) Online Payment Processing When it comes to accepting credit cards online, there [...]

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Get Ready, Set… Launch! A Checklist For Smooth Launches

It's Tuesday... that means it must be product launch day somewhere (have you ever noticed how many products launch on a Tuesday???).  You're probably already aware of the importance of a successful product launch but you may not have a smooth system for ensuring that you hit the ground running [...]

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Getting Things Done: A Checklist To Help Create Error Free Broadcasts

I have been helping clients send out a lot of broadcasts lately.  So I thought I would share my broadcast checklist.  I will admit, I sometimes skip the checklist when I'm in a hurry but there are certain items I never skip (like the test broadcast).  Feel free to share [...]

Think Outside The Box To Find Affiliates

Ah affiliates... the elusive goal of every online business owner because an active network of affiliates is a proven way to drive traffic to a website or salespage and increase sales. Think of how profitable some of your online efforts would be if you had a continuous flow of new [...]

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The Circle of Champions

I'm sure that over the past year or so, you've likely received several emails from one Internet Guru or another telling you that the quickest way to find success online is with niche marketing. So what exactly is nice marketing? What Is Niche Marketing Niche Marketing refers to finding a [...]

What’s In A Name?

Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) iDeborah Asks: What's In A Name? I've never shared the story behind my given name.  Deborah was not my mother's first choice and I think [...]