Can I Copy Someone Else’s Content

I met with two new clients last week to discuss their new websites: a personal injury attorney and a real estate agent.  Both don't have an online presence right now but were excited to get started.  In my initial meeting with both of them, they asked the same question: Can [...]

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Can You Live Without The Internet?

I spent some time at our family cottage this weekend.  We decided to head North on Friday afternoon so I packed my kitten up and decided to leave the computer behind.  Our cottage is located about an hour North of the City and because we don't live there full time, [...]

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Editorial Calendars Help With Blogging

I had the pleasure of speaking with a new client last week about her blogging efforts.  She had just set up her blog site and is excited to get blogging.  We spoke about setting up some systems to help support her blogging efforts and I suggested creating an editorial calendar [...]