3 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Everywhere you look you see people using Smart Phones, iPhones and a variety of handheld devices to surf the web.  I'm sure there's some fancy statistic I could look up that will tell me the percentage of browsing done by mobile device... and I'm sure as soon as I type [...]

OptimizePress: An Easy Tool For Designing Attractive Salespages & Landing Pages

Designing an effective and attractive salespage or landing page got a whole lot easier with the introduction of OptimizePress.  If you haven't heard the buzz, OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that gives online business owners with limited HTML coding and design skills the ability to create optimized squeeze pages, attractive [...]

Social Bookmarking Increases Organic SEO

Social bookmarking is a popular field of social networking. And it's easy to understand why. When done correctly, it's a great way to increase visibility, create connections and drive traffic to your website or blog. What is Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is similar in concept to your browser's bookmarks or [...]

HTML Made Easy

Today I'm going to talk about basic HTML editing and introduce you to the world of HTML codes.  While a lot of my clients rely on me for their HTML formatting and editing, knowing how to do some minor HTML editing on your own will be a huge help if [...]

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WordPress Plugin: WP Delayed Order Button

I'm sure you've seen something similar to the WP Delayed Order Button plugin in action on video salespages.  It's a popular built-in feature of the WordPress Optimize Press theme which has been used extensively in the Internet Marketing circles for a few years now to build salespages.  I had a [...]

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WordPress Plugin: WordPress SEO by Yoast

It's been a while since I talked about my favorite WordPress plugins.  I've been keeping this one under my hat for a few months.  Testing it out with select clients as well as on my own blog.  I've gotta say: me likey! Introducing the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast I [...]

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2012: The Year of YOU!

Okay okay, I'm a dork!  I haven't yet wished you a Happy New Year! Do you have any special new years resolutions? My suggestion is that if you're going to aim for a BIG Hairy Audacious goal, try reaching for it with smaller, easily attained goals (or baby steps!) that [...]

Happy Client: Get Wrestling Strength

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that one of my clients was rethinking his opt-in strategy.  (If you missed that post, you can read about it here). Well I'm happy to announce that the project was completed a couple of weeks ago and ready to unveil it for you. Get [...]

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WordPress Plugin: Widget Logic

It used to be that, once you installed WordPress and made all the necessary template design changes, you were stuck with having the same sidebar appear on all pages / posts of your WordPress site.  If you were stumped by PHP coding and didn't quite know how to edit your [...]

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