The Real Story of the Pink Ribbon

I know you’ve seen them on lipstick and cameras and cakes and soda pop bottles skis and snow jackets and popsicle sticks.  If you follow football (raise your hand if you do... what it's just me??) you've seen them on helmets and jerseys.  They’ve even been on buckets of Kentucky [...]

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No Cost Training: Get More “Yeses” in 2013

If you're like me, you set aside some time over the weekend to catch up on your reading or engage in other tasks that are more along the "business development" lines to keep current with new trends in your field or learn new skills. Well have I got the ticket [...]

FREE Webinar: 7 Steps To Success In the New Year

I was just invited to an exclusive marketing webinar titled: "Seven Steps to New Year's Success" this Wednesday, and I know you'll want to attend too. The webinar is all about how to strategically grow your business in 2013 by automating your lead generation and follow up processes. During the [...]

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Introducing The DotCom Mechanics Virtual Classroom

I have a special announcement for you today! I'm ready to bite the bullet and let you in on something that I've been working on for the past couple of months. What I'm about to share with you is a goldmine of step-by-step training and tutorials to help you launch [...]

Mike Koenigs’ Teaches The 10x10x4 Market Domination Approach To Video Ideas

Mike Koenigs, the man behind the Traffic Geyser System, is sharing his secret 10x10x4 recipe for dominating online video marketing for so long. The 10x10x4 Market Domination Formula Here it is: Mike shows you how the formula produces PAGES of ideas for your videos.  I've used the formula successfully for [...]

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Exactly How Disciples of Dan Kennedy Succeed So Well

Dan Kennedy and his crew just revealed a new, free video series called Renegade Millionaire.  I've been following the series (three videos released so far and a fourth one coming in two days - you'll get access to the three that have been released instantly when you register) and it's [...]

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IM Faceplate: An Easy Way To Get Your Message Out

I just stumbled across a new service that I think will change the way online entrepreneurs communicate with their tribe.  It's a new service from Logiscape that offers a refreshing advance in social networking.  I just created my free faceplate and urge you to get your free IM Faceplate today! [...]

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Don’t Miss This: LIVE Broadcast from Nashville Coach Deb with Host David Cooper

I just heard about a special LIVE broadcast tonight that you won't want to miss!  Join Coach Deb (@CoachDeb) as she is the guest on David Cooper's (@askdavidcooper) Internet TV show from the Hopes, Goals & Dreams Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. 7:58 pm CST 8:58 pm EST Here's a quick [...]

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Claim Your New Media HubSite Today!

Success in the New Media Marketplace is all about connecting at a deeper level.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we do business.  Gone are the days of static websites and salespages. The social media consumer requires a higher level of rapport and trust.  If you’re not [...]

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Secrets From the QuanSite Launch

Well I made it!  Made it through to the other end of the launch.  It's been a fun ride and a great learning experience. Here's what I learned: 1. No matter how much time you give yourself for a launch, it's never enough. Expect many sleepless nights and last [...]

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