How would you feel if you woke up one morning and discovered that your blog had been hacked?

Did your heart just drop to your stomach? After all, you’ve probably spent countless hours optimizing your blog, tweaking your theme (or having a custom theme designed for you) and publishing regular content. And in an instant, it’s all gone!

If blogging is an important aspect of your business, then you should ensure that this key asset is fully protected.

My Data’s Secure

One of the key selling points of hosted blogs, is the disaster recovery protection that they offer. No need to worry about making your own backups or figuring out how to restore things once something has gone wrong. Your monthly fee for the service guarantees that someone else will be responsible for restoring your site should something go wrong.

Even if you host your blog yourself, you could rely on your web hosting company to recover data from their backups. But that could take time and every second that your blog is offline impacts your business.

But Wait, Doesn’t WordPress Handle Backups Itself?

No, you still need to install a backup plugin. There isn’t a built in backup feature for WordPress. Most WordPress backup plugins only backup your database. And that’s really not enough should your site need restoring.

Introducing BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup plugin that backs up the database WordPress is installed in, your plugins, your themes, images and other uploads… essentially everything related to your WordPress install. It’s a full backup of your entire WordPress blog. And best of all, it’s priced for the small business owner (plans start at $45 and includes the backup of TWO WordPress installations)

Not only does it manage the backup, but it also manages the restore process. If you’ve ever had to recover a hacked WordPress blog, you’ll know that it takes a lot of valuable time. BackupBuddy includes a restore wizard that guides you through the process of recovering your entire WordPress blog.

BackupBuddy Can Migrate Your Blog Too!

Have you ever switched hosting companies or tried moving your blog from one server to another? Yuck, right? BackupBuddy makes it a breeze. If you’re a WordPress designer, that means that you can develop a client WordPress site on a test server before you deploy it… and easily migrate it to your client’s own hosting account.

Secure Your WordPress Blogs Today!

If you haven’t developed the habit of backing up your WordPress blogs, or you’re not confident that the backup procedure you are following is backing up all your essential data, then you need to purchase your copy of BackupBuddy today.

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