Meet The Key Master & Unlock 107 Ways to Get More Done!

In a world where you have to think fast and get results even faster, time is everything. The key is to master it.

Think of Gavin Preston as your locksmith. His new book “Time Tactics That Work: 107 Ways to Get More Done” will have its Kindle debut on 29th April and will be FREE for 5 days only.

Gavin shares proven techniques so you can:

identify tasks and activities that are robbing your energy
clear your mental desk to concentrate on your priorities
work smart on the right things
and more!

Get your FREE copy now by visiting: (in the US)   (in the UK) (in Canada)

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Turn Your Ideas Into Income

Say it with me: Ideas are AWESOME!  Sometimes I think my real business is to talk about ideas.  In fact, I love to talk about ideas.  But ideas on their own are pretty much useless.  Ideas that are implemented, however, can be extremely lucrative!
How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income
First thing’s first, you’ll want to download this handy dandy little eBook penned by one of my colleagues.  Just hop on over to his website and enter in your name and email to snag your Implementation Guide.  He had laid out a process to help you evaluate what makes a good idea and some brief thoughts on where to go to get your idea implemented.

Once you’ve sussed out your idea and determined which one(s) you want to pursue, it’s time to develop your idea.  While they are many different ways to get an idea implemented, we’ll be taking a look at the two main strategies used by my clients: physical products and online products.
Developing Physical Products
Before you get too deep into the development phase, it would be worth doing a quick Google search to see if there is an existing product already on the market.  Depending on the nature of your product idea, you may also want to do a quick patent search.

The next step will be to get feedback on your idea.  I recently attended my first focus group and was asked four basic questions:

Have you seen this product or something similar to it before?
Do you see the value of this product?
Would you buy it / use it / recommend it?
What price would you be willing [...]

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The Real Story of the Pink Ribbon

I know you’ve seen them on lipstick and cameras and cakes and soda pop bottles skis and snow jackets and popsicle sticks.  If you follow football (raise your hand if you do… what it’s just me??) you’ve seen them on helmets and jerseys.  They’ve even been on buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

Those little pink ribbons raising “awareness” for breast cancers have been just about EVERYWHERE!

And you know what, they weren’t even pink in the beginning!

They were peach-colored.

And they were hand made in the basement of Charlotte Haley.  A 68-year old grandmother and daughter and sister who would make these little ribbons by hand and sold them with the following note attached:

“The National Cancer Institute annual budget is $1.8 billion, only 5 percent goes for cancer prevention.  Help us wake up our legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.”

Originally, it was peach and it’s purpose was entirely different than it is today. It’s purpose was… PREVENTION!

Self Magazine and Estée Lauder caught wind of her campaign they tried to adopt it and “work with her.”  She refused saying they were too commercial.

After Self Magazine and Estée Lauder met with their lawyers, the decision was made to turn the ribbon pink and run on their own.

And now here we are today.

With a big pink STINK on our hands and a whole lot of cancer awareness, but almost NO prevention.

A dear client and friend of mine is committed to raising a stink about pink.  She says:

Ms. Haley, wherever you are, we’ve got your back!

In honor of the peach ribbons cut in a basement with care…
And because we believe in self-care, not cancer…
Because we [...]

Go For Your Goals in 2014!

Happy New Year!!!  Wishing you a successful, healthy and happy 2014!

As I sit here on the first day of the work year, I’m excited about the promise and possibility that this year holds.  I spoke to my dad yesterday morning and he asked me if I was excited about this particular New Year and I didn’t think I was.  To me, every day of the year holds promise and new possibilities.  But as the day grew long, my dad’s question competed for attention.

There are some exciting changes coming in my personal life in the next 30 days (29 more sleeps to be exact!) and as I start to plan for them, I realize that I need to break down my goal into smaller, more achievable steps that I know I can accomplish without getting overwhelmed.  And I realized that yes… I am excited about the beginning of this particular year.  I have something really important and exciting to look forward to in my personal life.

Being the nut that I am, I decided to give myself something really important and exciting to look forward to in my professional life as well.  So I created a BIG GOAL for myself.
Your Success Depends On Where You Set The Bar
I read an article a few years back about goal setting and high jumping.  I don’t remember the author but he was a State Champion in the High Jump.  Like most sports, the high jump is a mental game.  They start by setting the bar low and increase it after every jump.  While I’m not sure of the exact reason why the competition is set up [...]

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Two Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

As we approach the end of the year (Happy New Year!), our attention often turns to what can we do different in the New Year.  What can we improve?  What new toy or system can we implement?  For many of my clients, the New Year is when they refocus their attention on their blogs and ezines and recommit to making blogging a priority (and for those of you paying attention… guess who else is back on the blogging wagon!).

Let’s take a look at some super simple methods to drive traffic to your blog.
Change Your Permalink Structure
Believe it or not, this is a simple switch to make and is often overlooked as an SEO strategy.  Take a look at the URL for any post on your blog. If you see something like then you’re not taking advantage of this strategy.

Before we go any further, let’s define the term permalink.  It’s the permanent link to any given post in your blog.  By default, WordPress uses a numbering system to keep track of your different posts in the database, which is great from a programming perspective but really lousy for Search Engine Optimization (I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I searched for Post #123).

What we’ll be doing is changing that link so that it uses real words (a.k.a. KEYWORDS!).  To make the switch, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Log into your WordPress blog
Step 2: Click on “Settings” and then select “Permalinks”
Step 3: Select the “Post Name” option or “Custom Structure” option and type /%postname%/
Step 4: Click “Save Changes”
and voila! You’re good to [...]

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Get Unstuck: How To Beat Writers Block

Yes, yes, I know – it’s been a while since my last blog post.  To be honest, I ran out of things to write about… or I had too many things to write about and just didn’t know where to start.

Believe me, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to create a blog post only to find that NOTHING comes out.  So I hop onto Twitter, check my email for the umpteenth time… all the while trying to think of SOMETHING that I can write about. Searching for the inspiring post that will engage and energize my reader(s) :-)  After days, weeks, months of silence, I finally decided that there’s a blog post sitting right in front of my nose: examining the roots of writers block and some simple tips to get back into action.
The Root Causes of Writers Block… and how to kick them to the curb!
Writers Block #1: Boredom
Let’s start with my all time favorite: boredom. Maybe you’ve been writing about the same thing for so long that you’re just plain sick of it.  Or maybe you were inspired to write something in the middle of the night that seemed like a great idea but now that you’re actually down to the task of writing it seems… well dumb!  For me, boredom is usually an indication that I’m starting off in the wrong direction.
iDeborah’s Writers Block-buster:
Just start writing: Put pen to paper and write out anything that pops into your mind. It doesn’t even have to be related to what you were originally intending to write. This is an old trick from my days in a creative [...]

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No Cost Training: Get More “Yeses” in 2013

If you’re like me, you set aside some time over the weekend to catch up on your reading or engage in other tasks that are more along the “business development” lines to keep current with new trends in your field or learn new skills.

Well have I got the ticket for you this weekend! This series of interviews is designed to catapult your ability to be a “Client Attraction Rock Star” in 2013. (And I’m all about being a Rock Star!)

Right now — more than ever before — people are actively SEEKING coaches, consultants, mentors, advisors, practitioners, and the like…

And statistics prove that they’re willing to pay top dollar for the help that will change their lives!

So… what’s the catch?

Well, it’s simple. To be successful, you simply MUST know how to effectively market your business and sell your services.

You must know how to consistently “Get To YES.”

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about this upcoming training! 24 highly sought after guest experts, are revealing ALL of their client attraction and sales secrets in a 100% FREE VIRTUAL MASTERY TRAINING.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you may remember that last year, I was the Virtual Event Manager for this training series. I listened to the calls (and more importantly heard the feedback from attendees) and the training and feedback was fantastic! Attendees were really impressed by the calibre of speakers participating and the quality of the information they were sharing.

Get the scoop by clicking here.

Join renowned trainers such as Suzanne Evans, Pamela Bruner, Jeneth Blackert, Rich German, Maria Andros, Heather Dominick, Eva Gregory, Brandy Mychals, Christy Whitman, Mary Allen, Kathleen Gage, Sage [...]

The First Rule of Fight Club

iMarketing Tip: Know Your Customer
I’m a big movie buff and an even bigger music lover so it’s not unusual to hear me quote movies or song lyrics.

Case in point: The first rule of Fight Club: you do NOT talk about Fight Club.

We’re not going to talk about fighting or even discuss the merits of NOT talking about something… it simply popped into my head when I was sitting down to write this ezine.

The first rule of iMarketing: you MUST know your customer.

Know your customer. If there were a list of rules for doing business online, this would undoubtedly be at the top of the list.

When I used to work for a Brokerage House, one of the forms that we had to fill out for every client that opened a trading account was the KYC Form (Know Your Client). It contained the usual address information but then got into specifics about their trading preferences (on a scale from high risk to conservative), how long they had until retirement, other information about their household, etc. etc. The information was collected so that the Broker could make recommendations based on a unique understanding of each client’s goals and circumstances.

The same deep knowledge of your client (or target market or ideal customer depending on which particular guru you follow) is critical to your success in marketing your business.

I’ve seen it time and time again: a lot of businesses spend countless amounts of money and man-hours using the wrong marketing strategies or platforms or even words to reach their customers – both their potential customers and current customers.

There’s nothing worse than standing on the inside of a [...]

FREE Webinar: 7 Steps To Success In the New Year

I was just invited to an exclusive marketing webinar titled: “Seven Steps to New Year’s Success” this Wednesday, and I know you’ll want to attend too.

The webinar is all about how to strategically grow your business in 2013 by automating your lead generation and follow up processes. During the webinar you’ll learn:

The secret to generating more leads with your existing website
How to consistently and automatically follow up with your prospects in a personalized manner
How to generate more revenue per client in ways that keep them coming back for more
What you can do to consistently get referrals from your clients

I’ve made it really easy for you to attend, just click here (BTW… This webinar is FREE):

Don’t forget, the webinar is on Wednesday, December 19 at 12:00 PM Noon Pacific/3:00 PM Eastern.

I’ll see you there!

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Quick Tip: Increase Productivity With Time Management

Do you battle the “time demon?”  I know I sometimes do.  Thankfully I’m really fortunate to work with some fantastic entrepreneurs and business coaches who are skilled at teaching others how to manage their time.  I’ve learned some great time management techniques over the years that have increased my productivity and enabled me to do more in less time.

Here’s a quick video by Gavin Preston in which he shares two of his tips for managing your time more effectively.  Enjoy!
Gavin Preston Burning Acceleration Zone: Time Management Tips